The idea of setting up an immersive creative space was shaped by the desire to establish a new business model in Russia based on the example of the American studios for the development of mono-talents. We gathered a professional team responsible for various media related roles and acting in particular.

The project is aimed at the professional creative audience, representatives of the media professions – actors, celebrities, influencers, trendsetters, supervisors, producers, directors, cameramen, photographers, stylists, and all those interested in the art of the cinema, photography and media life.

At the basis of the philosophy of the REAL ART STUDIO project, Sofya Skya laid unlimited opportunities for the development of acting talents on one platform. Paying special attention not only to the training program itself, but to the management, helping beginner and professional actors to form the background for future work, and to plan the next steps in the building of their career.

An integral part of the mission is the discovery, help and support in producing of young talent.

According to the author, the quality of knowledge, the atmosphere and the logistics in the organization of the process, as well as such an important aspect as the formation of competent working material in the form of a portfolio - all affect the productivity of entering the talent into the professional arena. Not to mention their further development in the profession at the international level.

That is why Sofya Skya had envisaged the platforms – RAS PHOTO PRODUCTION and RAS VIDEO PRODUCTION supporting a common project idea. Using these, the course participants at a certain stage will help create a professional photo shoot, a video show reel, or a documentary. In the specially equipped auditorium, they can listen to additional master classes from recognized experts in media production on photography, videography, art make-up and other types of art, as supplementary programmes.

Thanks to the authoritative image of a strong personal brand Sofya Skya has the ability to invite speakers like Hollywood colleagues, reputable mentors, gurus in the field of acting, international directors, actors, and photographers.

With this in mind, the RAS EVENTS platform was created. So that the the students and members of a closed creative community could regularly improve their knowledge, interact with the men and women personifying the art industry in all its forms, as well as participate in networking.
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