Sofya Skya is a Hollywood movie actress, acting coach at RAS ACTING SCHOOL and founder of the REAL ART STUDIO. She is an author of acting courses that have no analogue in the Russian film industry, among them are «American system of acting for cinema, theatre and life by Sofya Skya. Hollywood experience», «Work and life by the Meisner technique with Sofya Skya», «Passing casting to callback», and «Selfpresentation. Audition techniques by Sofya Skya». Thanks to these programs, she successfully provides acting classes and helps to feel confident on stage or in front of camera. Sofya Skya's approach is based on her personal experience of studding, training and filming in Hollywood.

From 2008 to 2015 Sofya Skya was trained in all aspects of performing arts in Los Angeles, California (USA). Graduated from the Joanne Baron Acting Studio (Los Angeles, USA), she was trained by Lisa Melillo, a teacher and producer of such TV shows and films like "Walker" and "Churchill". As well as developing her acting skills at Larry Moss studio with the renowned Hollywood trainer Michelle Danner (Michelle Danner Los Angeles Acting School) Skya has studied vocal performance technique with Vida Simon.

Sofya Skya has starred in both American and Russian films with leading roles. She collaborated with many directors including John Kent Harrison, Roland Joffe, Michael Staninger, Robert Crombie, Ali Zamani among others. Skya has appeared in dozens of movies alongside such Hollywood actors as Wes Bentley, Eric Roberts, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Christian Slater, Michael Madsen, Mark Dacascos, Cole Hauser, Anna Paquin and many others.

In Hollywood, Sofya Skya is represented by DDO Artist Agency.

At the moment, Sofya Skya is involved in global film industry and has been successfully teaching performing arts and acting techniques for over 5 years.


2020 Nartai
2020 Coven
2019 And there was a war
2018 Welcome to Curiosity
2017 Opus of an Angel
2015 My Stepdaughter
2014 Operator of Reality
2014 Coca Cola Commercial
2013 Assassins Run (White Swan)
2010 Happiness Club
2010 Shadows in Paradise
2009 The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler
2009 Limelight 2009 The Tomb (Ligeia)
2009 CSI: NY (Crime Scene NY 5th Season, Episode "Grounds for Deception")
2005 Hope for the Addicted