20, 21, 27 и 28 ноября в школе актёрского мастерства RAS Acting School Софья Ская проведет авторский мастер-класс «АМЕРИКАНСКАЯ СИСТЕМА АКТЕРСКОГО МАСТЕРСТВА ДЛЯ КИНО, ТЕАТРА И ЖИЗНИ ОТ СОФЬИ СКАЯ. ПРЯМАЯ ПЕРЕДАЧА ИЗ ГОЛЛИВУДА»
During 4 days, the following aspects will be analyzed, discussed, and practiced with the participants:
• Getting the callback and working on camera;
• Working with genres;
• Interaction with a partner on the site;
• Sanford Meisner's technique for film and life;
• Preparation of the stage role, working with the script;
• Interaction with the Director and crew, etc.

A great focus will be on practical exercises in a professionally equipped space, including simulators and decorations. And thanks to the fact that classes last non-stop for five hours, participants manage to develop the necessary pace and dynamics to fully immerse themselves in the program and consolidate practical skills.

Limited seats.
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